Another few months, weeks, whatever, another episode of The ReelGood Podcast. Derek’s parental duties mean that the location returned to Old Faithful aka Derek’s garage. John had a cup of peppermint and liquorice tea, Blake had a glass of water, Derek had a beer, probably to wash down the afore mentioned parental duties.

But what the hell did they even talk about? We hear you ask. Nadine Labaki’s Academy Award nominated film Capharnaum, you hear us answer. That’s right, Capharnaum has taken the world by storm, and any film that takes the world by storm deserves to be talking about on the podcast that is taking the world by storm, one groundbreaking episode at a time.


“After running away from his negligent parents, committing a violent crime and being sentenced to five years in jail, a hardened, streetwise 12-year-old Lebanese boy sues his parents in protest of the life they have given him.”

They laughed, Blakey cried (as usual) and they made insightful comments about Nadine Labaki’s new film. The most insightful comments possible, to be precise. You must be wondering how you listen to those insightful comments, how you absorb the knowledge that the team are generous enough to provide. Click play, ya dummy!