A troubled youth undergoing reverse development


Fuck the bells and whistles. Adverts have been showing us pretty stuff since the dawn of time, but it’s  certainly no replacement for a good story.

When this concept was presented as an idea it would have been so tempting to Hollywood the shit out of it because it’s such a unique and innovative idea. They could have overwhelmed us with stats on how many children are abused every year, made it look gorgeous and cast some little angel. But they didn’t, they kept it real and that’s why it works. It’s an ugly issue that needs a solution. Glamourising the advert would serve no purpose of the story.

Even the film technique of shooting in reverse order is used to serve the story. By shooting this way we are compelled to help not think the problem is resolved.

It’s so tempting to spend big and implement cool film techniques simply because we can, but if it doesn’t serve the story then what’s the point? It may cause the audience to miss the point.


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