The General.

buster keaton

If you haven’t yet managed to wrap your noodle around Buster Keaton then this is a fantastic place to start. You’ve all heard of Charlie Chaplin? Buster Keaton is just as great, if not better. His influence in the world of cinema is still being felt to an incredible degree today. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Mad Max: Fury Road and tell us that there’s none of Keaton’s The General in there. There’s a heap of Keaton’s The General in there, ya dummy!

But appreciation of silent film isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally. Film is like cheese. You start out with Tasty, then move onto Brie, then Camembert, and before long you’re snorting the strongest blue vein cheese known to man. Keaton’s flicks aren’t blue vein cheese. Hell, they’re still so entertaining that they’re probably borderline Tasty. Good old cheese. Good old Buster Keaton.

Check out the video below – 

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