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the dude

“A mixed up story you wouldn’t believe, until you hear it from the man who was there…

That man? Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges.

He tells the twisting tale of the unexpected encounter of two men from different worlds. Shot by Award-winning director Ivan Zacharias this Kahlúa Production was set in the Mexican desert in the early 70’s, and a present day bar you may just stumble upon one day…”

Sure, this video is an and and sure it never explicitly states that the Jeff Bridges character is The Dude from The Coen Bros. classic The Big Lebowski. But it’s Jeff Bridges drinking Kahlua and sounding like The Dude, which is more than good enough for us. Of course, Jeff Bridges always sounds like The Dude, but there’s no use quibbling over minor details like that. We may never get a sequel to The Big Lebowski. In fact, we hope we never sequel to The Big Lebowski. But it is nice to know, that after over fifteen years since the release of the film, The Dude is still abiding.

Check out the video below – 

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