Caught in the crosshairs.

fury road

It’s no secret that Mad Max: Fury Road is the greatest thing to happen to things in the history of things. Why was it so great? Was it the action? The characters? The world? Immortan Joe’s weird boils? Or was it that we didn’t have to move our eyes much? According to this nifty little video, in which Director Of Photography John Seale gives a brief overview of the rationale behind his photography, it was the eye moving one. The video is made by Vimeo user Vashi Nedomansky and is linked with this enlightening article, which goes into more detail about the editing and cinematography of George Miller’s action packed adventure. If you haven’t seen Fury Road yet, the best course of action is to stop reading this right now, stand up, yell out ‘Me is off to the cinemas!’, run out of wherever you are and go see it.

Check out the video below – 

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