Love him or hate him or think he’s average or have no opinion, Gasper Noé is certainly an interesting filmmaker. I personally thought Irreversible was an amazing albeit incredibly difficult to watch film while Enter The Void was an almost unwatchable, headache inducing piece of crap. I certainly don’t need to imagine what sex is like from the point of view of a vagina anymore although I know a lot of people who love Enter The Void and hate Irreversible though, so perhaps I’m wrong. 

Either way this clip has little to do with either of those films. Noé was hired to direct the music video for the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song We No Who U R. The end result is a little disappointing, but it’s always nice to keep up with the work filmmakers create between feature films. For the greatest cinematic use of a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song, look no further than the ‘Little Old Lady!’ scene in Dumb & Dumber.