Excited for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. How very interesting, because so are we. The ReelGood team is so excited about Alien: Covenant that we recently all sat down together to watch Prometheus. Lo and behold, it wasn’t very good, but it certainly looked very pretty and had a wonderful performance from Michael Fassbender. There’s also the bit where Idris Elba plays a little accordion thingo, asks Charlize Theron if she’s a robot and then moseys on off to sleep with her. Damon Lindelof, the screenwriter, is a millionaire.

Ridley Scott has directed some poor movies. Some very, very poor movies. But what history has repeatedly shown is that he generally only makes bad movies when he has a bad script, and the times that Scott gets handed a good script, he’s been capable of terrific things. John Logan wrote the script for Alien: Covenant, and he’s the fellow behind Rango, The Aviator, Hugo and Gladiator. Ever heard of being excited for the new Alien movie? We certainly have.

But you need a whistle wetter, don’t you? 20th Century Fox have just the thing. What he have here is a little prologue to Alien: Covenant, which is due for release later this year in May. It gives you a look at almost all of the main cast, and also confirms that James Franco is indeed a part of the production, something that was previously only a rumour. We don’t know how much of this prologue will be included in the final film, if any of it. What we do know is that as soon as this sentence is typed, we’re watching it again.