Pumped for the upcoming Han Solo movie? I’m not, but then I’m just someone who’s devastated that Harrison Ford’s wonderful film legacy is being shat on left right and centre, so my opinion is neither here nor there according to Disney.

If you are someone that happens to be excited for the Han Solo movie, which is being directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord and being released at some unknown time within the next couple of years then this pretty darn well made fan film may tide you over until the real deal gets a cinematic release.

Here’s a little tidbit for you: Jamie Costa, the fellow who plays Han Solo in this short, has built quite a reputation for himself for his various celebrity impressions (including Harrison Ford, obvs) and, before Alden Ehrenreich was ultimately cast by Miller and Lord, was championed by a whole bunch of fans to be a spot on choice to lead the official spin-off. For another pretty amazing Harrison Ford impression, head over here.

Check this little film out, because regardless of whether or not you think that the official Han Solo is something that needs to be unleashed on this poor world, Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade is undeniably a pretty astonishing achievement and a well-made fan flick that has been put together with a great deal of passion. Now, that’s something that we can all get behind, isn’t it?

Hello Disney, remember that some things are better left untouched. Thanks and see ya.