There are special effects, and then there are the mind-blowing special effects used on Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By The Sea. It was a film most lauded for it’s script and it’s performances – particularly the central performance by Casey Affleck, which won him an Academy Award – but the real heroes here are the visual effects team, painstakingly putting together work that will go unnoticed by most film goers. In a way, the work here is far more impressive than the work on a film like Doctor Strange or Mad Max: Fury Road or what have you, because we know that a lot of the effects in those movies are fake, but I bet you didn’t pick that it was Vin Diesel in that highway scene in Manchester By The Sea, with Casey Affleck’s face carefully painting over his own.

Big thanks to the folk over at Funny Or Die for bringing this Oscar-worthy work to the attention of the world.