When it comes to getting amazing shots, animators are in a very unique position. They’re not reliant on focal length or the perfect camera angle or the right lighting, they only have their imagination to contend with. And animating skills, but you’d hope that if you were an animator then you’d have the skills to back that profession up.

Of course, when it comes to animation, it’s difficult to look past the Walt Disney Company (although Studio Ghibi certainly give them a run for their money), who have been imbuing their films with cinematic aesthetics for almost an entire decade.

The wonderful video essayist, Jorge Luengo Ruiz, has created a wonderful compilation of all the most astonishing shots in Disney films, from as early as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) up until Moana (2016), and if this doesn’t give you a new appreciation for the legendary studio then we’re just not sure what will.