It’s come to this.

human centipede 3

“I don’t know the Human Centipede films. I’ve never met the Human Centipede films or had any contact with them, but…”

“Don’t worry, your tears say more than any real film review ever could.”

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what revolts us about the Human Centipede franchise. Oh wait, no, it’s how people’s mouths are sewn up to other people’s arseholes. If we’re being honest then we’d have to admit having very little knowledge of the franchise. If our honesty must continue then we’ll also have to admit that we may never watch a Human Centipede movie. But in the name of reason and being fair to all things film, here is the trailer for The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence.

“Although many details have yet to be revealed, it’s been confirmed to be set in an American maximum security prison in the middle of the desert.”

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) stars Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey, Vivien Bridson, Tom Six and Eric Roberts and is set for release in May, 2015.

Check out the trailer below – 

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