Here’re 5 reasons why you should see coming-of-age comedy, The Way, Way Back:

1. Sam Rockwell
2. Refer to dot point 1
3. Refer to dot point 1
4. Refer to dot point 1
5. Refer to dot point 1.

The Way, Way Back tells the story of Duncan (Liam James) – a lonely, awkward teenager still coming to grips with his parents’ divorce and struggling to warm to his mother’s new boyfriend, Trent (Steve Carrell). When Trent invites young Duncan and his mother, Pam (Toni Collette) to join him at his beach house in Cape Cod, Duncan must find a way to survive the summer without losing his mind from boredom and adolescent angst.

But who really gives a shit about all that.

The only reason to pay your small fortune to see this movie is to spend 112 minutes with Sam Rockwell. ALL of the most enjoyable moments occur when Sam Rockwell is on screen; ALL of the funniest lines are delivered by Sam Rockwell; ALL you need to know about this movie is that Sam Rockwell is in it and he is awesome.

But Sam Rockwell is always awesome – did you see Seven Psychopaths? Did you see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? Well you should have. Sam Rockwell would have to be one of the most underrated and under-appreciated actors in Hollywood; half of you are probably thinking to yourselves “Sam Rockwell…isn’t he the guy from Avatar?” No, that’s Sam Worthington you f*#%ing moron – get a damn IMDB account and stop watching reruns of Blue Heelers!

But despite how completely compelling Sam Rockwell normally is, there’s something about his performance in The Way, Way Back that is abnormally naturalistic and engrossing, even by his high standards. It’s one of those performances that doesn’t just break the barrier between actor and audience, it tears it down like an East German circa 1989. Much like Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading or Owen Wilson in everything, Rockwell exudes a confidence and jovial quality that gives the illusion that, dare I say it, he is actually enjoying himself! His character is kind, caring, irresponsible, immature, real; Rockwell has never looked more comfortable.

I could go on, but I’m starting to give myself a serious broner.

If you like the sensation of smiling and want to see an actor performing at their best, go and see The Way, Way Back. If not, then carry on watching Blue Heelers and I hope we never meet.

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