Island in the sun.


Summer is officially here. In case you are still snuggled up at home under the covers, here are some movies to get you out of the snuggie and on to the beach!


Puberty Blues (1981) | dir. Bruce Beresford

There’s one thing about summer you want to be sure of – that you’re sitting on the right part of the beach, watching your boyfriend surf and that you make sure you go and get him a chicko roll when he wants one. These are the challenges that face Debbie and her best friend Sue as they navigate high school in the southern beach town of Sydney, where, unless you were a surf chick you were a nobody. So don’t be a mole, quickly suck up to the girl who brings her horse to the beach and make sure you look ‘rootable’ for the boys. Summer is here, the ocean is calling. Go.

The ‘Burbs (1989) | dir. Joe Dante

If all you have planned this Christmas is time off to sit in your pyjamas all day and sneak out for the occasional cigar, join Ray, who’s forced to take some time off work and all he wants to do is just that. Not go away to the cottage, not wear pants and not do anything but enjoy the peace and quiet of his suburban cul-de-sac. Hopefully you won’t have suspicious new neighbours that will keep you up late on those long summer evenings, questioning the safety of your street. Hopefully we can all find a day this silly season to wear pyjamas all day.

Stand By Me (1986) | dir. Rob Reiner

While looking for a dead body may not be the ideal past time of warmer weather, this film makes the list as it’s important to remember the journey, not the destination. A writer discovers a death of a friend, which sends him down memory lane to a time when he and three of his best friends embarked on a country trip, looking for the body of a missing boy. Set over a weekend in September 1959, the four boys take a sunny walk by the rail road, stopping only to take a short cut through a junk yard, quickly dip in a leach infested swamp and tell stories by the camp-fire as they get ready to become local heroes.

What About Bob? (1991) | dir. Frank Oz

Whether you need a vacation or a vacation from yourself it’s the time to pack your gold fish, think baby steps and get out of town. In this 1991 comedy Bob, a sweet-phobia ridden patient, becomes dependent on his new psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin and follows him to Lake Winnipesaukee on his family vacation. Bob continues to enjoy many breakthroughs during his time by the lake with Leo’s family (sailing with Anna, teaching Sigmund to dive and loudly vocalising his enjoyment of the dinner on the deck) while Leo starts acting more and more like a lunatic. He should relax and listen to Bob’s favourite poem: ‘Roses are red,violets are blue, I’m a schizophrenic, and so am I”. 

Y Tu Mamá También (2001) | dir. Alfonso Cuarón

Nothing says summer quite like a road trip, especially when chasing down a secluded beach with a sexy stranger. With their girlfriends out of town, Julio, and his best friend Tenoch meet the gorgeous Luisa and offer to take her to  Boca del Cielo (“Heaven’s Mouth”) and run away from all their problems. There’s no better way to get to know each other by getting in the car, rolling the windows down and driving through Mexico, swapping stories of past sexual conquests. Throw in some very close, sweaty dancing and consider the summer started.

Pierrot le Fou (1965) | dir. Jean-Luc Godard

Sometimes to really take advantage of the warmer weather is to step away from the day to day life and try something new. That’s what Ferdinand decided to do when he took off with the family baby sitter and began a life on the run. After a crime spree, Ferdinand and Marianne settle by the French Riviera, taking dips in the water, drowning stolen cars, writing poetry, hanging out with parrots, kissing and wearing lots of nautical stripes. It’s the sort of holiday you never want to come home from – and Ferdinand never will. C’est Bon!

Take This Waltz (2011) | Sarah Polley

Set in a small neighbourhood of Toronto, Take This Waltz centres on Margo who, although married to Lou, starts developing feelings for Daniel, an artist who lives across the street. Margo’s flirtation with Daniel, and her sweet-but-too-comfortable marriage to Lou will give you instantly dewy skin in their moments of pure summer including water aerobics, late night swims, dancing under lanterns at a house party, soaking in sweat as you spend the day cooking chicken, having a sprinkler fight in your pyjamas and letting the warm evening air push your hair around on a roller-coaster ride. Watch out for those daytime Martini’s – it get’s pretty hot!

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) | dir. Woody Allen

This Woody Allen film follows the ever-so-sensible Vicky and the wild and unsettled Christina as they spend a summer in Barcelona, both under the seductive gaze of Juan Antonio. Grab your passport and let the film carry you away on a magical warm Spanish holiday that embraces alfresco dinning, wine that always tastes crisp, painting barefoot in the garden by the pool, sail boats, a late night flamenco guitar performance and never ending days of eating well, drinking good wine and making love.

The Seven Year Itch (1955) | dir. Billy Wilder

Not going away this summer? Nothing wrong with having a stay-cation in the city. Watch the ever gorgeous Marilyn Monroe come up with some creative ways to cool down, whether its keeping her underwear in the ice box or standing over the subway grate, letting a heavy breeze take control of her dress. Flirting with the downstairs neighbour Richard, so she can hang out in his air conditioned apartment playing the piano is another very good idea. Champagne and potato chips! Why, this is a real party!

Cocktail (1988) | dir. Roger Donaldson

If you can’t get excited about summer watching this movie nothing will. With an iconic summer soundtrack featuring the Beach Boys ‘Kokomo’, on location in Jamaica, Tom Cruise in his prime as the hottest bartender with the moves like a magician, Cocktail will seriously will make you feel like a tropical drink is melting away in your hand. You can almost smell the coconut oil. Grab a beach umbrella, order a Red Eye and don’t let yourself get spooked.

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