They got the power.

our power

The continual and enthusiastic support of filmmakers is paramount here at ReelGoodSupport This is an area of ReelGood in which we highlight a potential film project that needs your help! Our Power is the newest project from Melbourne-based filmmaker Peter Yacono. Yacono’s short film, Aaron, played at our very own ReelGood Film Festival earlier this year, and his filmmaking eye is fixed on making a difference. Our Power is shaping up to be a film to keep an eye on. But the team needs your help!

“In 2014, Victoria’s own coal mine, located just 1.5 hours away from Melbourne, caught fire and burned uncontrollably for 45 days causing severe health impacts to over thousands of people in Victoria.

Smoke, ash and other carcinogenic gasses, from the Hazelwood coal pit  lingered in the air of the Latrobe Valley and even seeped into houses in the neighbouring town, Morwell, located less than half a kilometer away from the burning coal face.

For the first time in a long time, the community have said, “enough is enough” and taking matters into their owns hands. They are fighting for a just transition towards a more sustainable future. One that is free of toxic smoke, ash and a contribution to climate change. “

It’s obvious this is something we all want to see. Head to the Our Power Chuffed page to help Yacono and his team realise their vision and get the film the money it needs to be completed.

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