Let’s face it. How many of you actually watched the Superbowl for the game? Oh, thousands of you…Alright. Well I personally couldn’t wait for the vast array of movie trailers, which has become a staple of Game Day. And while powerhouses like Marvel and Hasbro put people’s respiratory systems in jeopardy, we got our first look at a few more great looking films. Not to mention some abysmal ones. Like, Denver Broncos bad. See, I know Baseball.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel set out to achieve one goal on game day. To bombard our faces with insane action and perhaps induce a small amount of motion sickness. A teaser had already given us a taste of what Winter Soldier has to offer but with its new theatrical trailer, its story, set pieces and overall tone are showcased in spectacular fashion. The focal point is its villain which lends a lot more weight to the action we’re treated to and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon looks like a show stealer. This is unequivocally going to be a massive hit and more importantly, it looks like it belongs in the same league as The Avengers.

Amazing Spiderman 2

Marvels second serving of sense scrambling awesomeness puts a spotlight on Electo’s origins. In typical modern day trailer fashion, it doesn’t leave a lot behold when the film is actually released. However, the three-minute-plus preview is littered with enough intriguing plot elements and astounding battle sequences that I’m left wondering what else they have in store.

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

The much touted reboot of the Transformers series (yet somehow existing in the same universe as the previous three) gets it opportunity to wow audiences. And that it does. Fans have been clamouring for the Dinobot’s induction and we finally get a peek at their debut. It’s a typical Michael Bay trailer: cuts every two seconds, people running, people running through or from explosions, explosions that probably only exist so people could run through or from them. But there is Optimus Prime riding a robotic dinosaur while wielding a sword. And that my friends, is magic.

Need for Speed

If they handed out awards for the most annoying movie spots, Need for Speed would sweep the season. The following sentence should put into perspective what I’m talking about.

Frenetic editing that somehow constructs a melody of revving engines.

Chalk this one down as a loss guys and let’s make the next trailer based on the ever popular video game, a little more bearable.

Muppets Most Wanted

A pleasant and humorous new glimpse of the Muppets latest outing. It utilises real Tweets to hype the film and it’s almost impossible not to crack a smile. Also…I totally didn’t think something was wrong with my computer at the end….moving on….

24: Live Another Day

Hang on. Are we sure this isn’t a new James Bond film? It’s set in London. It has a title that could literally only be from a Bond movie. The main characters initials are even JB. And yet, there is Kiefer Sutherland, still angry, still yelling. All jokes aside, this brief glimpse of Jack Bauer’s new venture is nothing if not attention grabbing and could very well revitalise this forgotten franchise.


Regardless of your religious beliefs, one can’t help but have complete faith in Darren Aronofsky’s incredible proficiency with storytelling. Russell Crowe plays the titular character in what looks to be a film that weighs heavily on CGI and mythological tropes.

Draft Day


I’m inclined to say yawn. Can I be that unbiased? Sure, what the hell? Let’s call it what it is. This was clearly only shown at this designated time because most people were already in “big game” mode. I honestly can’t think of anything more boring than watching Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner yell at people regarding trades and draft picks. Just my two cents, which incidentally is the amount of money this film will undoubtedly make. Ok, I’ll stop.


What do you do when you’ve pitted Liam Neeson against every type of villain possible in every location possible but still need him to grimace and scowl and be a bad ass? You put him on a plane! Against a killer that he can’t seem to locate. I’m a little concerned with the limited radius in which all of this is transpiring but if Buried could captivate an audience while staying solely inside a coffin, I’ll try to stay open minded.

The Monuments Men

Just take a look at this cast. A perfect group of A-list actors starring in a film that suits them to a tee. I’ve heard The Monuments Men described as Ocean’s Eleven meets Inglourious Basterds and this spot doesn’t do much to refute that assessment. Everybody involved appears to be having fun with their roles and all the aspects of the era bleed through wonderfully.


Ok, now we’re really reaching the bottom of the barrel (soon to be clearance bin). Paul W.S Anderson, of Resident Evil fame (is it still considered fame if you’re critically panned on a yearly basis?) unveils his newest feature, a blend of gladiatorial combat, romance and natural disasters. I can’t help but feel like this will fail on an infinite number of levels, but I’m open for some fun on a cheesy, popcorn flick level.

3 Days to Kill

Kevin Costner makes two appearances in this cavalcade of movie spots. Unfortunately the second one is about as riveting as the first. Trailers (or teasers) don’t come much more generic than this. The voice over, the action and the premise (wait, there wasn’t a premise). Even the “hard ass dad” routine is uninspired. I didn’t watch the Superbowl but I understand that it was a blow out. I can only assume that this spot played once everyone had stopped watching and started revisiting Marvels trailers on YouTube.

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