Episode #4

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If a writer writes a book, they wrote it. If a music writes a song, they wrote it. If a painter paints a painting, they painting it. So who makes a film? It’s not such an easy question as you might think but thanks to a little something known as Auteur Theory, there is, at least, an interesting method of approaching the subject. We’re talkin’ Truffaut, we’re talkin’ Sarris, we’re talkin’ directors.

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Score from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind by Jon Brion
Adieu Lisbonne by Dario Moreno
Sous le ciel de Paris by Edith Piaf
Quel Temps Fait-Il A Paris (from Les Vacances De M’ H Hulot) by Alain Romans
Music from Les Vacances De M’ H Hulot
Audio from the trailer of The Maltese Falcon
Night Train by Jimmy Forrest
Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor as performed and composed by Rachmaninoff
Harps-Piano by Mathgrant

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