Once upon a time, we told our listeners that the episode of The ReelGood Podcast that they were about to listen to (Unsane, for the two of you out there who care) was the last that Blakey would participate in for some time. Blakey, you understand, had set his sights on the great horizon. He yearned to travel, learn, eat, pray, love, sleep, eat.

We were wrong. We decided to slip an extra episode in, because our schedules are wide open and the team had nothing better to do than sit in Derek’s garage in the middle of winter and talk about a film that none of them are particularly excited about. That film, dear listeners, is Deadpool 2.

deadpool 2“Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool joins forces with three mutants — Bedlam, Shatterstar and Domino — to protect a boy from the all-powerful Cable.”

The first film almost didn’t happen, but then did. Kind of like this episode of The ReelGood Podcast, except that Deadpool made hundreds of millions of dollars whereas The ReelGood Podcast makes zilch. You read that correctly. Zilch. We give this quality out for free. Incidentally, this will be Blakey’s final episode for quite some time, as he will be leaving for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave next Monday. That’s right, Europe.

Fear not, dear sole listener, because Blakey will be back and if Blakey comes back that means Derek will come back and if Derek comes back that means John will come back and if John comes back then the team can record more episodes because John owns the recording equipment. Podcast lyf, baby.