Review not perfect.

pitch perfect 2

Can you really blame a man for breaking his normally steadfast rule of not drinking before watching a movie? Especially when there’s free champagne? Especially when the film is Pitch Perfect 2? Especially when that same man had never heard of Pitch Perfect until a month ago when he got the invite to the Pitch Perfect 2 premiere? Ah, they may be weak excuses but either way I was too drunk during the screening of Pitch Perfect 2 last night to discern its value as a film. That didn’t stop me trying. Without further ado, here are all the genuine (legible) notes that I wrote down during the film.

– A lot of pop culture references

– I think I’m too drunk to be here

– Gets people involved like that black guy from that duo thing and the German guy from daddy long legs. A product of YouTube?

– Everyone else laughing a lot. What does this mean?

– Sort of intriguing in its bizarreness

– Acapella fandom??? When did this happen? Do I also like Acapella?


– Poor old Germany

– If you love unreadable word then you’ll love this movie

– The scene when they sing about bums is actually decent and maybe interesting

– Reggie!!

– What an odd film

– Is this a singing Beerfest?

– Not talented enough to be a music producer? Films love the idea that you need to fulfill a childhood dream to be happy. Maybe you do.

– What am I watching?

– Treats Rebel Wilson like the funny/fat one. Would have been better if she’d just been a regular character and it didn’t make reference to her appearance. Like the fat one in Bridesmaids. Fat people can, and most often are, just normal people.

– Good ol’ Elizabeth Banks. Having a real directing one, eh?

– Mitch Perfect

– I feel as though Katey Sagal could and maybe would beat the shit out of me

– A peculiar smorgasbord of good/god awful moments

– Who on earth is this chick with the gun??

– The one who’s meant to be good a producing music made a really bad song. Sounds like heaps of other crap music. Are songs awful?

– Fedora hats are the worst.

– Redhead girl looks like the woman in Grey’s Anatomy.

– Elizabeth Banks seems like a champ. I wonder if she is….

– Is this a film? Or something else? What is things?

– Hollywood is never going to bloody let Germany forget WWII.

– I think this movie might be quite racist. Ask the others once it’s over.

– I didn’t know Acapella included drums

– These microphones they use in the final performance look quality. I should grab a couple for the ReelGood Podcast.

– Surely, at the end of the day, it’s not a real boy of a film (pinnochio reference)

– An appreciation of this sort of music would definitely help.

– I’m emotionally affected by the finale

Final thoughts after a good night’s rest: I may never discover my genuine regard toward Pitch Perfect 2 because in all likelihood the event in which I watch it again will never arise. I never saw the original Pitch Perfect but have been told by a number of reasonably disparate characters that it’s not as bad as I might think, whatever that’s supposed to mean. The three people that I attended the screening of PP2 with seemed to enjoy it, although we did have a bit of a chat about some of the more questionable (read: overtly racist) moments of humour. I’m not huge (pardon the pun) on how fatter women in comedies often fare worse than other characters, but I can’t confidently say that it was a problem in PP2. Anyway, this review probably isn’t for Pitch Perfect fans, it’s here to put a big ol’ smile on your miserable face on a dreary Tuesday afternoon and at the end of the day isn’t that the most important thing of all? Happiness? You’ll catch on *wink*.


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