in the heart of the sea

We’ve been waiting for this one for an awfully long time. Wasn’t In The Heart Of The Sea originally meant to be released way back in like the 1980s or something like that?

Listen, if you’re not interested in seeing Chris Hemsworth fight a whale, there might just be something wrong with you. Chris Hemsworth versus a whale is the reason we’re not bored of the ten thousand trailers that they’ve released for this film over the past two years. Chris Hemsworth versus a whale is the reason we’ll be lining up on day one to check In The Heart Of The Sea out. Chris Hemsworth versus a whales is the reason our lives make sense.

“In 1820, the whaleship Essex is crewed by Captain George Pollard, Jr., first mate Owen Chase, second mate Matthew Joy, and cabin boy Thomas Nickerson. During their voyage, the ship is struck by a large bull sperm whale, ultimately leaving its crew shipwrecked at sea for 90 days over a thousand miles from home. After the attack, the crew sails for South America and is forced to become cannibalistic.“

In the Heart of the Sea stars Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland and is definitely set for release in December, 2015.

Check out the trailer below – 

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