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reelgood film festival

The results are in, amigos. what’s left to ponder? On the 18th and 19th of March this year, filmmakers from all over Melbourne threw down the creative gauntlet and let the world know just exactly what they’re capable of. It was the ReelGood Film Festival 2016 and it was the greatest film event to have ever taken place in the history of everything. Cannes, Sundance and Made In Melbourne are trembling with fear. Though not everyone took home a shiny award (Best Short Film and Audience Choice Award went to Family Holiday and Most Exciting Talent went the the production designer of Hungry Man), the real glory lay in screening at Australia’s premiere film festival. Here is a full list of the glorious –

Fell (dir. Kasimir Burgess)

There Is No Such Thing As A Jellyfish (dir. Alena Lodkina)

Rocketman (dir. Sophie Hayward)

Lily (dir. Kasimir Burgess)

Weekend Getaway at Riddells Creek (dir. Jacintho Muiños and Jess Langley)

The Cosmonaut (dir. Sophie Hayward)

Cake Industries (dir. Jack Dyball)

Furniture Friend (dir. Sam Darby)

Our Magic Hour (dir. Sam Rogers)

You Like It, I Love It (dir. James Vaughan)

Love and a Tandem (dir. Ariel Shaw)

The Space Between Words (dir. Lara Kose)

Hungry Man (dir. Jordan Prosser)

Looking To Buy (dir. Isaac Wall)

Double Patty (dir. Tavis Urquhart and Alexander Moore)

Maalu (dir. Sanjay De Silva)

Family Holiday (dir. Ted Wilson)

The Family (dir. Jayden Stevens)

For The Love Of Dog (dir. Carl Stella)

Alight (dir. Tenika Smith)

Building Bridges (dir. Jessica Barclay Lawton)

Euxine (dir. Tess Hutson)

Going Up (dir. Tavis Urquhart and Patrick Neff) WINNER OF BEST SHORT FILM, 2014

Three Poems (dir. Jake Houston Harris) WINNER OF AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD, 2014

We Keep On Dancing (dir. Jessica Barclay Lawton) WINNER OF BEST SHORT FILM, 2015

Bush Trip (dir. Kathleen Lee) WINNER OF AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD, 2015

Breathe (dir. Sam Rogers) WINNER OF MOST EXCITING TALENT, 2015

Touch Wood (dir. Sherwin Akbarzadeh)

Kings (dir. Charlie Ford and Tom Neill)

Body Movie (dir. Jordan Prosser)

Meat Dad (dir. Damon Girbon and Paul Ritchard and Kristen Krauth and Vincent Trundle)

Ten Quintillion (dir. Romilly Spears)

Men of the Earth (dir. Andrew Kavanagh)

Draft Day (dir. Alexander Moore)

Carcass (dir. Tarquin Netherway)

Carnivore (dir. Sam Rogers)

The River (dir. Tarquin Netherway)

BUM: Seven Days on the Streets of Melbourne (dir. Callum Padgham and Tavis Urquhart)

ReelGood would like to thank our generous sponsors – Crayon, STACK, RMIT, FilmInk, Madman, EOne – as well as Schoolhouse Studio for letting us use their incredible space. Think that’s all, do you? You’re wrong. We’ll be back next year, bigger, better, uncut and more enthusiastic about supporting local, independent filmmakers than ever before. Thanks y’all, for making RGFF16 the best dang RGFF we ever gone done had.

Highlights, says you? Here are some photos, says we.


IMG_0073 IMG_0155 IMG_0090 IMG_0007 IMG_0149

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