We want your films!

Over two days in March 2018, at the Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood, RGFF will be screening a horde of the best films that Melbourne has to offer. We’ll also be playing tunes, sinking tins, eating food and socialising with all of the good people.

Have you ever been bored at a film festival? We have and we love film.

It has been over 80 years since Venice held the world’s first film festival in 1932, and there’s still never been a compelling re-evaluation of how to showcase films to a festival going audience.

reelgood film festival

Embarking on its fourth year, The ReelGood Film Festival is on ongoing celebration of Australian cinema, redefining of the film festival experience. Removing the barrier between the film, the filmmaker, the festival and the audience, RGFF is a platform for the Australian community of filmmakers and talent to be recognised across the country.

We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re re-evaluating it.

RGFF explores the idea of showcasing short films spanning over the course of a day, not a session, with breaks, grog, tunes and good eats serving as intermissions for the mind and soul. Short film sessions at festivals can be oppressively long, and interminably boring. It’s exhausting. Not at RGFF.

Film is universal and yet it often becomes an industry that engenders exclusivity. One of the central goals of RGFF is to open up the world of film festivals for people who might normally shy away from them, without sacrificing the integrity of the films being showcased.

You don’t need to be a critic to love cinema. You just have to love cinema.

reelgood film festival

But film festivals can’t run without films. That’s quantum physics for ya, baby. And it’s where you come in.

Have you got an amazing film that needs to be watched? Do you know anyone who has made an amazing film that needs to be watched? Let us know. If your film screens at RGFF, it’ll be watched by the finest people Melbourne has to offer in the finest venue Melbourne has to offer. What more could you want? Oh, and did we mention that the prizes are awesome?

The people have spoken. They want us back. Get submittin!

reelgood film festival