They said it couldn’t be done three years in a row. And then that’s exactly what happened.

Now, it’s coming back, by popular demand, and you know that it’s going to be the social/film event of the year. If you don’t know it then get the heck off this website. It’s the ReelGood Film Festival, and if you’re not there then who the bloody hell are ya?

reelgood film festivalThe good news is that we’re currently after submissions for RGFF17. The great news is that we’re only accepting the best of the best. The best news is that you can watch them and drink beers at the same time.

Over two days in March, at the wonderful Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood, we’ll be screening a horde of wonderful films, playing tunes, sinking tins, eating food and socialising with really friendly, attractive, smart people.

Have you got an amazing film that needs to be watched? Do you know anyone who has made an amazing film that needs to be watched? Let us know because we’ll bloody well screen it and it’ll be watched by the finest people Melbourne has to offer in the finest venue Melbourne has to offer. What more could you want?

The people want us back, but we can’t hold a film festival without any films can we?

E-mail us here with what you got.

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