Feeling Braindead watching the promo ad for Dead Island

dead island

I am a sucker for anything zombies. I love them because anything that ties us to being human is completely stripped away with zombies. They don’t give a fuck, they have no motives or reasoning. They cause absolute chaos and destruction.

Zombies are the ultimate doers and go getters because “no” and “I can’t” isn’t in their vocabulary…. In fact very little is in their vocabulary.  And the best zombie adaptations understand this. Nothing is sacred.


This advert for the video game Dead Island was released in 2011 and it holds nothing back. The stuff with the family and the little girl and the music gets me every time. I have to remind myself that they’re not real and that I shouldn’t cry.

The story structure is awesome. Reversing the action is such a unique and cool idea, but it gives the viewer hope. If they had played this advert in chronological order then the end image would be the girl dead on the ground. All is lost and the end is inevitable. But by reversing the structure we end with images of a happy family, giving us something to hold onto and hope for. You can win, you can beat these mindless go-getter fucks.

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