Are you getting sucked in? Generic Brand Video looks at the charm of advertising.

generic brand video

This video perfectly captures all the bullshit that surrounds the advertising industry. It dissects the way advertisers think the audience interpret visuals and the moving image.

Advertising allows companies to create a public perception of themselves that does not often match who they are in reality. They can look like they care more then they do, that they are doing more, that they’re all round saints and perfect individuals. They’re snake charmers that have worked out how to use the right amount of pretty visuals, inspiring words and uplifting music to manipulate the audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I think people are a lot smarter than that and there is a lot of cool advertising out there that treat the audience like the smart individuals that they are, but I’m worried that people are getting desensitized to the art form of film making because they don’t trust it anymore. We need stuff like this to remind us how cool advertising can be.


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