ReelGood is going on a surfing safari!

Globe Shoes Year 0000

You might like surfing, you might not. But you do like slow motion, because everybody likes slow motion. This is a clip from Globe’s Year Zero film, and it shows us just how good to look at things in 600 Frames Per Second are.

“Globe’s Year Zero is not just another surf film… it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of Mad Max or an H.G Wells novel. It tells a story of a band of renegade surfers, including Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Cj Hobgood and Damien Hobgood, on a road trip through the apocalypse in search of waves, women, and good times. The film’s original soundtrack by Black Mountain, whom VICE Magazine has called, “one of the best rock n’ roll bands of our time,” creates a sonic landscape that fully delivers the immersive experience that director Joe G envisioned for the film.” –

ReelGood had to go through that synopsis and add capital letters and full stops where appropriate, since the original writers seemed to forget. We’re also not 100% sure what a renegade surfer is, but they sure sound dangerous. Anyway, the footage is cool and surfing is fun, so check it out.


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