Ah, the days of dial up internet…
living with lag

‘You wouldn’t accept lag offline, so why do it online? ume.net, a fiber broadband provider that offers up to 1000 Mbit/s, performed an experiment. Four volunteers got to experience internet’s biggest disturbance in real life – lag.’

My god lag has never been more enjoyable. Speaking as a long time nerd who lived with a man who would play video games all day, naked in his sleeping bag screaming “LAG!!” intermittently, I can appreciate everything this ad has to offer.

I always imagined that the lagged video game character just froze sporadically suffering from narcolepsy or having a mild case of Alzheimer’s, I never interpreted lag like this. I like to think that some evil advertising genius was sitting in his lair thinking to himself, how do I make lag a reality?  It’s so enjoyable to watch, but god it would be terrible to live with. I would take the naked man in the sleeping bag every day of the week.

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