Star mores.

darth by darthwest

Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest is a classic. Irvin Kershner’s The Empire Strikes Back is a classic. Why can’t we have both. These mash-up videos are becoming increasingly popular and we’re all for it. Cary Grant versus a god damn Tie Fighter? Who are we to argue with that kind of shit? Cary Grant staring down C-3PO? Where the hell do we sign?

Thanks to Vimeo user extraordinaire, Fabrice Mathieu, we can now relive the famous crop duster scene, with added Star Wars. The skill that goes into creating something like this is beyond the tiny brains of us folk here at the ReelGood offices, so we won’t even try to explain this shit, but suffice to say it looks like it would have been enormously time consuming and that you’d probably need to know your way around all sorts of programs to get something like this done. Darth By Darthwest. Because, the Internet.

Check out the video below – 

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