The unsung hero of film production.


Everyone knows the actors, some know the director and producers and if you’re lucky you may know a writer or two, but no one knows the editors. And yet without the editors we wouldn’t have a film, they make the story come to life and the actors performance sing. They have one of the hardest jobs in film making, they sit in a dark room for hours on end, no one knows who they are, they stress about how the actor’s hair is forward in one take and not in the next and eat a whole lot of take out.

They make the film work and the less we notice their work the better they are at their job. They keep the story alive and fresh for the director, bogging themselves down in the nitty-gritty so that the director can focus on the story, diving on the rushes and syncing grenade so we don’t have to. And they’re usually an excellent brand of human.

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