That hungry game.

katniss loves pita

The Hunger Games just got a whole lot hungrier. That is our slogan suggestion for the eventual ‘Katniss Loves Pita’ movie that is surely going to be made after this wonderful, thought-provoking little video from the folks over at the PistolShrimps YouTube channel. There may be too much material for just one movie, necessitating at least one split – The Hunger Games: Katniss Loves Pita: Part 3. 

Katniss loving Pita sure makes a lot more sense to us than Katniss loving Peeta. Seriously, where on earth did that come from? A strong-minded, independent, attractive woman falling in love with a little leprechaun with the personality of a wet bread roll? In the Peeta vs. Pita debate, Pita reigns supreme.

Check out the video below – 

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