Lars and the real films.

lars von trier

Does it get any better than a good video essay? Probably, but good video essays really are something else. Bad video essays are also something else, but that something else is much worse than the something else that a good video essay is, if you get our drift.

One thing that differentiates a great video essay from a great article, review or essay is the visual accompaniment. The video essay doesn’t tell us something about Lars von Trier. It shows us something about Lars von Trier. Speaking of which, here is a wonderful video essay that’s all about Lars von Trier.

Von Trier is a divisive filmmaker and a controversial figure within the world of cinema but regardless what you think of the man or his films this video essay is definitely worth a look. Fourteen and a half minutes later and you’ll have a far better appreciation and understanding of von Trier and his work. That’s nothing to be sniffed at.

Check out the video below – 

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