Ok, ok, ok.

matthew mcconaughey dazed and confusedIn the wake of 2014 it might be easy to forget just how far director Richard Linklater and actor Matthew McConaughey have come since their time filming Dazed and Confused. Well actually, if you consider the fact that Linklater’s next film will be a sequel of sorts to Dazed and Confused then you could kind of look at it like he hasn’t come far at all. Anyway, he’s the top pick to nab the Best Director Oscar next month for his film Boyhood, while McConaughey has been turning up to eleven all over the place, with strong performances in True Detective and Interstellar to just name a couple. Here’s a brief clip of McConaughey’s audition for DaC. Looking at the tape, it’s nice to know he was always pretty McConaughey-ish.

Check out the video below –

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