Good. It. Isn’t.

the hardest ever

Will.I.Am feat. Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger’s T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) (dir. Rich Lee)

“Smart I am.” ‘Hard like a boner.” These are but brief snippets of the lyrics of Will.I.Am’s T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever). We’re not quite sure how to feel about the song or the music video but we’re almost positive that we’d never like to meet Will.I.Am (more awful every time we write that) in person. We’d also like to iterate that we’re using the term ‘Awesome’ in the title of this article in the very loosest sense. In fact, you could probably replace the word ‘Awesome’ in this instance with the word ‘Awful’ or the words ‘Ah, fuck the world’ or something to that effect. Why Mick Jagger agreed to be a part of any of this is beyond us, but….ah god, just watch it. Or don’t watch it, and feel much better about yourself. What on earth is wrong with the things? How has it come to this? Confused. We. Be.

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