I’m an absolute sucker for trailers, as our column Trailer Trash will attest to. In fact, I invented Trailer Trash just so I could rewatch great trailers and post about them. The upcoming Superman flick Man of Steel could be great, but it has one big dirty mark against its name – Zack Snyder. On one hand everything I’ve seen so far from the film (save that weird teaser trailer with the Lord of the Rings score) has been amazing. On the other hand, I’ve been sucked into some terrible films by way of amazing advertising campaigns before. Either way, this video isn’t really an ad for Man of Steel, but rather a recreation of one of the more recent trailers in the form of Mojang’s incredibly popular game Minecraft. Never heard of Minecraft? Take a good long look in the mirror, and geek the fuck up fool. Click here for the original Man of Steel trailer, which I will happily (ashamedly) admit to watching at least 30 times the day it was released.

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