This is seriously amazing. Henry Cavill‘s career is looking ready to skyrocket once Man of Steel hits cinemas everywhere on June 14th, but he wasn’t always Clark Kent. In fact, as a young lad during his time at boarding school, Cavill was a background extra in the Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan flick Proof of Life (2000). Thirteen years late they met again, only this time Russell Crowe would be playing Cavill’s father in a film of which the latter was the star. What’s remarkable is the coincidental relationship the two struck up on the set of Proof of Life. Considering Russell Crowe’s general reputation for being a bit of a prick, it’s nice to know that once he was an absolute legend to a young kid trying to make it in one of the toughest industries to crack. Check out the video, it’s fantastically life affirming. On a side note, it’s strange that two of the most iconic American Superheroes (Batman/Superman) have both been played by British actors.

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