We have never showcased an Honest Trailer here on ReelGood until now. That isn’t because we have some problem with the people over at Screen Junkies nor is it because we don’t like Honest Trailers (we do). It’s because there’s so many of them that keeping up with every single Honest Trailer release would render this section of ReelGood a Honest Trailer exhibition rather than a vessel for all good film video content.

Our hand has been forced because it’s time the world remembered what a special movie The Empire Strikes Back is and the consequences of what Disney is doing with the Star Wars franchise. We’re not going to preach too much. If you agree with us, you already do. If you don’t, then preaching isn’t going to change your mind. Just enjoy this cheerful reminder of what Star Wars once was. The more Disney turn the franchise into a mass pandering product, the more The Empire Strikes Back will be forgotten in a sea of mediocrity.

Do you really want Han Solo’s origins explained to the point that they lose all meaning? Do we need a Boba Fett movie? If something is special, perhaps it best remain untouched.