Did you know that the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has really grown on me? Of course you didn’t, I’ve never voiced said growing to anyone and chances are I’ve never even met you. Despite nearly every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being either mediocre or sub par (with the tremendous exceptions of Captain America: Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Civil War), there’s something about the Infinity War trailer that has been increasingly satisfying some urge I didn’t know I had to watch Thanos take on far too many protagonists for one film.

The trailer hasn’t escaped the notice of Aldo Jones either. If the name Aldo Jones is unfamiliar to you, you may be familiar with the Weird Trailers that he published on his YouTube channel. They are weird and call into question both Jones’ sanity and his interest in synthetic hallucinogens but they’re also very funny and must take a tremendous amount of technical skill with visual wizardry. Putting a plate of spaghetti into Loki’s hands is one thing in your mind’s eye and a completely different thing in practice.

You won’t learn anything from this video. It may make you feel dumber. And with that disclaimer, we absolutely encourage you to watch the Avengers: Infinity War Weird Trailer right now and then spend the next couple of hours trawling through every other Weird Trailer that Jones has ever made.