One of the Internet’s finest hours came about way back in the day when some genius that we’ll never personally meet uploaded the incredibly well put together trailer for “Shining”. If for some dumb reason you didn’t click the link that we just provided, the “Shining” trailer was fake, comprised of footage from Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining, but put together in such a way that the film looked like a feel good dramedy along the lines of As Good As It Gets, as opposed the the terrifying grimtown of a film that The Shining actually is.

Since then, heaps of fake trailers with aims to distort the intent and tone of the original film have been cut and release on line, but few/none have reached the same dizzying heights as “Shining”. This one for Elf, which sort of does exactly the opposite of what “Shining” did, comes pretty dang close, and since it’s the merry season, we thought it best to share it with you kindly folk.

As much of a laugh and a good time as these fake trailers are, they also offer some pretty great insight into how music and sound can impact a film, and how persuasive the invisible art of editing can be. All we know is that it’s going to be very difficult sitting down to Elf every Christmas from now on.