With Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk taking out the number one spot on the American Box Office for two weeks in a row (as well as copping a perfect score right here on RG), what better time to take a step back and examine what sort of filmmaker Nolan actually is.

Whether you love him, hate him or meh him, it’s hard to deny that Nolan’s films have become event filmmaking, and not only because he is one of the few high-profile filmmakers championing the cinema-going experience. Furthermore, despite having been involved in arguably the most successful comic book film franchise of all time, Nolan is also one of the few filmmakers working in Hollywood with the clout to push original high-budget cinema, such as Inception and Interstellar (although those Scrooge McDuck fanatics out there may have something to say about the originality of Inception).

Are you excited about Nolan’s filmmaking? Do you have six and a half spare minutes? Do you want to spent those six and a half spare minutes well? Why not check out this great video essay, from the folks over at Fandor, which casts its gaze over Nolan’s body of work to examine everything about it that makes him unique as a filmmaker.