Steven Soderbergh sure does enjoy retiring from filmmaking only to decide to get back into the game a couple of years later. It sucks that he retires but it’s awesome that he comes back because Soderbergh is one of the finest filmmakers floating about the pond at the moment. He has a heap of top quality films to his name, such as Sex, Lies & VideotapeTraffic, Out Of Sight and The Limey and is one of the very few directors to have earned two Best Director nominations at the Academy Awards in the same year.

Good video essays are few and far between but when they are good they can be a remarkably useful and digestible way to gain insight into the art of cinema. This video essay, entitled “Steven Soderbergh – Don’t tell me what I already know”, from the YouTube channel, Writing with the Camera, is a great look at Soderbergh’s work and what it is that set him apart from your average filmmaker. If anything, it’ll almost certainly change the way you watch your next film.