Can we overstate the importance of music in film? No, we can’t. Music can make or break a scene. If you film a brick wall and have the right sort of music, you could make an amazing scene. If you have an amazing scene and put the wrong sort of music in it, there’s a pretty good chance you could end up with a real stinker of scene on your hands.

Music is something that a lot of people don’t notice when they’re watching movies but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t occupy a tremendously important space within the production of a film. Cinematography and editing often go unnoticed by audiences but without either of them film would literally be an impossibility.

Don’t believe how important music is to cinema? This video essay, from the wonderful people over at the YouTube Channel, Every Frame a Painting, may convince you where we can’t. Because as we’ve often told you, there’s nothing quite like a really great video essay. It’s less than 10 minutes. That’s pretty amazing. You’re only 10 minutes away from a deeper appreciation and broader knowledge of the amazing world of music in cinema.