Who would have every thought that Vancouver was always the bridesmaid yet never the bride? Cities simply cannot attend weddings. It’s a metaphor, and we’re using it because we’ve just discovered that Vancouver is in everything as everything, except itself. The bridesmaid in this metaphor means other cities and bride means itself.

Quick question – how many films can you remember watching that were set in Vancouver? Another, slightly longer, question – do you know how many films you’ve watched that were shot in Vancouver? Probably a lot more than you think. Did you know that Vancouver stood in for fucking India in one of the recent Mission: Impossible films?

Thanks again to the wonderful folk over at the YouTube channel Every Frame A Painting, we’re learning about our favourite subject (film, not Vancouver). Sure, it’s an entertaining examination at how the chameleon-like Vancouver has repeatedly stood in a whole host of cities, but it’s also an insightful look at just how much cinema involves pulling the wool over the audience’s eyes. It’s the greatest magic trick in the world, folks. We’re all suckers.