7 days in hell

Jon Snow was funny earlier this year. Now he’s doing it again. Tennis isn’t a subject that pops up in film very often. As soon as we typed that last sentence, we thought of three immediately – Match Point, Wimbledon and Strangers On A Train. Goes to show how you can be very stupid one second and then all of a sudden extremely smart the next second. It’s hard to say whether 7 Days In Hell will be funny, but we certainly hope it will be considering how decidedly unfunny most comedies are.

“A fictional documentary-style expose on the rivalry between two tennis stars who battled it out in a 2004 match that lasted seven days.”

7 Days In Hell stars Andy Samberg, Kit Harrington, Karen Gillan, Lena Dunham, Mary Steenburgen, Will Forte and Michael Sheen and is set to air on HBO in July, 2015.

Check out the trailer below – 

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