We come in shaky footage. 

area 51

Oren Peli hasn’t released a film since his first feature, Paranormal Activity, became a hit back in 2007. His latest, Area 51, has been in production since 2009, which, for those of you without a primitive grasp of math, is six years ago. Peli entered into reshoots in 2013 and finally confirmed that the film was finished earlier this year. Area 51 engages in the found footage genre (genre? is it a genre or is it just shit camerawork?), much like Paranormal Activity. Unlike Paranormal Activity however, Area 51 is entering the found footage game long after the fad began to lose steam. Aliens are interesting though, and Area 51 is a great myth and hell, for what it was Paranormal Activity did its job.

“In 1994, three friends travel to the infamous Area 51 in order to learn its terrifying secrets. The group then finds themselves running for their lives as an unprecedented event occurs.”

Area 51 stars Sandra Staggs, Roy Abramsohn, David Saucedo, Glenn Campbell and Jelena Nik and is set for release in May, 2015.

Check out the trailer below – 

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