Best and Hess.

don verdean

It’s been a long time since Napoleon Dynamite and Jared Hess hasn’t managed to generate anything nearly as successful. Granted, Nacho Libre is a secret favourite of ours here at the ReelGood offices but that’s a secret. Don Verdean is Hess’ latest film and it looks like it’s rife with that quirky brand of humour that Hess is known for. It’s also got a top notch cast, which might just be enough to get audience in to check it out. Sam Rockwell is someone we always like looking at and Jemaine Clement has a certain little something going for him.

For our money, Napoleon Dynamite is enormously overrated and Hess’ sense of humour – Nacho Libre withstanding – feels a bit like a cheese grater on our brain. But that’s just one little bears opinion.

“A devout biblical archaeologist treads down a less-than-righteous path when he begins to receive financial support from an evangelical preacher.”

Don Verdean stars Sam Rockwell, Danny McBride, Leslie Bibb, Jemaine Clement, Will Forte and Amy Ryan and is set for release in December, 2015.

Check out the trailer below – 

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