When I was in year 9 in high school, my mum and my dad grounded me. I can’t remember what exactly I had been grounded for, but I’m almost positive that the fault lay with them, not me, considering the perfection with which I have generally approached all aspect of life since I was a young lad. Whatever the case may be, during the period in which I was grounded, Lawrence Kasdan’s film Dreamcatcher was released in cinemas. I was desperate to see it. Lol. No, I wasn’t desperate to see Dreamcatcher, because that movie is a stinky old pile of rubbish and put Lawrence (before the Dreamcatcher fiasco a filmmaker of many a fine film to his name) but I was desperate to see the short film that was attached to the start of every screening of it.

The short was called The Final Flight of Osiris and it was one of nine films commissioned by the Wachowski Siblings to compliment the release of their upcoming film, The Matrix Reloaded. And at the time, The Matrix was my favourite film, because at the time, The Matrix was everybody’s favourite film. I said “see ya mum and dad, I’m off to school!” Then I hopped on the train to Melbourne, strode straight to the Village Cinema at Crown Casino and bought a ticket to DreamcatcherThe Final Flight of Osiris wasn’t particularly great, but I had pulled of the ungrounding of the grounded. I was back by 3:30, threw off my schoolbag and sunk into the couch to watch Bruce Willis in Moonlighting. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for my friend’s damn stinkin’ mum who somehow found out and gave the game away.

Anyway, two long paragraphs about not much surely must amount to something, right? Wrong. Here are three short films, commissioned by Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner 2049, to compliment said film. Enjoy!