Dunkirk is a divisive around these parts. ReelGood, that is. Some of us are still not quite over the episode of The ReelGood Podcast in which Derek made the bold call of not particularly liking the film. Unfortunately for those of us who are still not quite over it, the whole idea of each to their own is that Derek is more than allowed to not particularly like Dunkirk.

Here’s a nifty video we found that will affirm the opinions of anyone who loved the film and just might sway some of those who didn’t. It’s brief, but the video goes into some interesting areas in regards to how Christopher Nolan, the director, flipped out expectations of war films – expectations that have been developed over more than a century of filmmaking.

Love Dunkirk or hate Dunkirk or sit somewhere in the middle on Dunkirk or don’t even know Dunkirk exists, let’s take a moment to be thankful that video essays exists, because they, in their best form, provide some of the most engaging, thoughtful and accessible insight into filmmaking that we’ve ever come across.

It’s probably time to watch Dunkirk again.