For the Horde!

warcraftWe never thought we wouldn’t be excited for a Warcraft film, but these godawful trailers are really hammering the enthusiasm right out of us. Whoever thought it was the correct decision to include a Prodigy track in a Warcraft film trailer needs to back up right now and have a long hard think about their life choices.

In addition to those thoughts we just had, here is another. What on earth is going on with the visual effects in this film? It all looks so…we’ll let YouTube user ‘JimBobWales’ speak for us: “This is gonna be shit.” Yep, that just about sums it up. We couldn’t be less excited for Warcraft. Prove us wrong, Zowie Bowie!

“Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilisation, led by the humans, faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying world, Draenor, to find their place in another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, known as the Dark Portal, the humans face destruction while the orcs face extinction. Anduin Lothar, leader of the humans, and Durotan, leader of the orcs, are then sent on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people and their home, in which war has many faces and everyone fights for something.”

Warcraft stars Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Ben Schnetzer, Toby Kebbell, Robert Kazinsky and Paula Patton and is set for release in June, 2016.

Check out the trailer below 

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