Pixaren’t you clever.

the pixar theory

Have you ever pondered whether Cars is related to Up is related to Wall-E is related to Brave? The Pixar Theory is something that has been bandied around the internetweb for quite a while now, but never as succinctly as this. If you’re a big movie fan or a person with absolutely nothing to do other than trawl the internet for reasonably interesting but unhelpful things, chances are you’ve heard of The Pixar Theory. If you’re neither and you’ve still heard of it, then good on you, you arrogant prick. If you’re never heard of it, then the video below might be worth your time. In fact, it’s worth anyone pertaining to the above categories’ time, because the kindly folks over at Bloop Animation have done a killer job at summing it all up in such a way that you don’t have to really think, read or use much mental thingy at all.

Check out the video below –

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