And other catastrophes.


Consider this trailer for Gasper Noé’s Love. Then consider the following snippet from the description of the film on Wikipedia – “The film is an erotic thriller revolving around the lives of a college student, a prostitute and an art gallery owner who try to clear their names from a murder of a student they did not commit.” Shoulda called it ‘Die Hard’!!!!

Don’t watch this trailer at work, or near your parents, or near children because some things you just can’t undo. Noé is the mind behind Irreversible and Into The Void, the former of which we thought was much more than a gimmick and shock, the latter of which we thought was all shock and gimmick. Have you seen the fucking posters for Love? Can’t imagine them going up in the Melbourne Central Hoyts anytime soon. Anyway, Love will no doubt please anyone who want’s to watch lots of sex on screen but wants to be able to still feel classy and arty.

“Murphy, a porn-obsessed college student expresses his erotic desires to his fellow classmate, Electra, who in turn expresses her desires to have sex with a women. So one night, Murphy and Electra stay up in their hostel and Electra invites another high school student and her friend, Omi to their college. Together the trio indulge in a threesome that contemplates the personal desires of each individual.”

Love stars Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock, Klara Kristin, Gaspar Noé and Frank Wiess and is yet to have a release date set.

Check out the trailer below – 

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