Hollywood right there on my TV.


There’s Avengers. There’s Full House. Yet, in the words of the immortal Old El Paso ad that played on television a few years back, why can’t we have both? Damn right. Why can’t we have both at the same time time? We want Full House and we want Avengers and we want them together so that we don’t have to spend out precious time having to sit through both of them separately. Surely, as people who value their time, you can all understand where we are coming from?

Well, slow down there, cowboy, because your wish is our command. Thanks to the Internet in general, YouTube specifically and Zach Ace more specifically, all your Full House/Avengers mash-up needs are taken care off. For the record, if you actually have any Full House/Avengers needs, there may be something seriously wrong with you, because that’s a pretty odd fetish. For the rest of you, the video we got here for y’all is quite a diverting way to spend a minute or so.

Watch and learn, or just watch because from what we could tell, there’s absolutely nothing to learn from the video that we’ve posted below. But watch. Hopefully you’ll have the same reaction that we had, which was mild entertainment. ReelGood out.

Check out the video below – 

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